Cleaning Supplies Laundry Dyeing Fabric Color Masterbatch Dyeing And Color Absorption Film

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Color-absorbing towels are a must-have washing accessory that prevents color transfer and gives clothes a bright, fresh look. These sheets are designed to absorb and trap dyes released during the wash cycle, them from staining other items of clothing. Whether you're doing mixed laundry or washing new, brightly colored clothes for the first time, these sheets will ensure your clothes stay in condition.

Save time, money and the hassle of organizing laundry with Color Absorber towels. Our colorful absorbent towels come in convenient packaging with an open-lid design so you can easily a sheet while keeping the -free.

These sheets have good toughness, ensuring they won't break easily during the wash cycle. Say goodbye to ripped, worn, and paint-stained products.

Thanks to the unique honeycomb structure, these sheets provide enhanced paint absorption. They absorb loose more effectively, color transfer between garments.

Simplify your laundry routine with these . Throw a sheet into the washing machine and it will catch and trap loose dye, clothes from staining and bleeding.

  • Function: color protection

  • Size: 11 x28cm

  • material: non-woven fabric

  • Active ingredient content: 60%-65%

  • Slight discoloration: 1-2 pills/30L water

  • Moderate discoloration: 2-3 tablets/40L water

  • Severe discoloration: 9L/ml/ml: more than 3 /50L water

  • Package List:1 box(24pcs) Color Absorbing Laundry Tablets

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