Car Seat Pillow 3D Memory Cushion Set Universal

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Car headrest neck pillow waist backrest driver memory foam head restraint cushion lower back car pillow.

A driver who drives for a long time, a gift to an office manager or a colleague or friend.

When using this product, you will be more comfortable and safe in driving life.

  • Name: Headrest or back pillow

  • Pillowcase: Polyester breathable cloth (hand wash)

  • Core material: Memory cotton (not washable)

  • Fixing: Headrest pillow with headrest strap The backrest pillow rests on the seat and is very easy to install.

  • Color: Black

  • Function: Relieve fatigue and absorb driving pressure. good for health.

  • Products include: 1 * headrest + 1 lumbar pillow.

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