BioTrace Hyssop Immune 60 capsules

BioTrace Hyssop Immune 60 capsules

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BioTrace Hyssop Immune is a herbal complex designed to support the immune system. It contains four herbs for a synergistic effect – Hyssop, Oregano, Cat’s Claw and Anise.

Scientific research indicates that these herbs may support the immune system during times of stress.

Hyssop may be supportive of the respiratory system, especially during allergy season. It possesses antioxidant and immune defence properties.

Oregano is rich in antioxidant Phenols, including Thymol and Calvacrol, which may support immune defences, the liver and digestive system.

Cat’s Claw research shows that it may support the immune system and gastrointestinal health.

Anise is an aromatic herb historically used to support the immune system and as a digestive aid. Studies support the traditional uses of this herb.

Collectively these four antioxidant-rich herbs may support the body’s immune defences throughout the respiratory system, digestive system, and intestines.

Product Highlights

  • May support the immune system

  • May support respiratory health

  • May support the digestive system

  • Provides antioxidant support


    Adults:  Take 1 – 2 capsules daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


    • Always read the label. 
    • Use only as directed.
    • Keep all medications and supplements out of reach of children.
    • If symptoms persist see your health professional.
    • Do not use if seal under cap is damaged or missing.
    • If any adverse reaction occurs stop using and consult your health professional.
    • If you are taking any medications consult your health professional prior to use.


          Each Capsule Contains:

          Hyssop Leaf 321 mg

          (Hyssopus officinalis)

          Cat’s Claw 137 mg

          (Uncaria tomentosa)

          Oregano Leaf 69 mg

          (Origanum vulgare)

          Pimpinella anisum 23 mg

          (Seed Powder)

          Other Ingredients: 

          Vegetable capsule, rice concentrate.

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