4pcs Big Toe Straightener Corrector Bunion Relief Sleeve with Gel Pad

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If you suffer from toe overlap, a bunion or toe drift, it's most likely that your feet are achy,, suffering from pains every minute. But they don't have to be

The Smart Fun gel pad fabric sleeve bunion is great to relief pain, separate big toe and 2nd toe, realign toe to nature direction, have effective treatment comfortable and support whole day, for most of medium or large size feet, men or women


  • Quality fabric and gentle gel, breathable high elastic, easy wearing for everyday, comfortable, day and night
  • Gel pad bunion sleeves and fabric sleeve toe protectors, cover exact position of bunion, realign it in nature direction, relief pain and less irritation and friction in shoes
  • Gel toe splint separate toe design, 100% gel, ultra soft, non-toxic, protect from squeezing between big toe and 2nd toe, align the toe direction. The pressure over time will realign your toe joint
  • It is made of super stretched material, suitable for wearing in high heel or sport shoes
  • New design of ultra thin comfortable, effective to relief pain and treatment of bunion, for men and women
  • 2 size for your choice, size S (recommend for shoe size 30-39) and size L (recommend for shoe size 40-48)
  • Quantity: 2 pairs (4pcs: 2 left feet + 2 right feet)


  • ✓ Prevent Bunion Progression
  • ✓ Overlapping Toes
  • ✓ Hammer Toes and To Avoid Surgery
  • ✓ Provides Pain Relief
  • ✓ Protection and Correction of Toes
  • ✓ Toe Separator
  • ✓ Bunion Splint
  • ✓ Toe Straightener
  • ✓ Protector For Hallux Valgus
  • ✓ Crooked Toes

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