Anti-Wrinkle LED Light Therapy Neck Facial Massager Double Chin Reducer

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This is a popular new neck and facial toning device that delivers safe and gentle stimulation and LED light therapy to tighten and firm the skin for a more youthful appearance.

First to market anti-aging neck & face device based on new Intelligent Micro vibration, Cool/Heat, and LED Light Therapy. This combination provides the most powerful and effective neck and face skincare and repair therapy in the market.

Three sonic modes with and without heat:

  • Low Speed (Blue) – vibration sonic speed 6,200 times/minute
  • Medium Speed (Green) – vibration sonic speed 9,500 times/minute with heat therapy in 113˚F (45 ˚C) +/- 5 ˚C
  • High Speed (Red) – vibration sonic speed 12,500 times/minute with heat therapy in 113˚F (45 ˚C) +/- 5.

Micro-vibration Sonic W/LED Light Beauty Care Device Features:

  • Newly designed for neck, face, and shoulder areas
  • LED Lights: Red, Blue, Green Lights for rejuvenating skin
  • Clear comedones, calm inflammation and redness, control sebum production, promote protein synthesis, stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation in the dermal and epidermal
  • To stimulate fiberblast activity, increase collagen production, rejuvenate skin tissue, smooth skin texture, improve skin tone, and accelerate blood circulation

Beauty device package includes:

  • ANAFT Microvibration LED Light Beauty Device
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Protection cover

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