Anthogenol Original 100 Vegetarian Capsules

Anthogenol Original 100 Vegetarian Capsules

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Anthogenol is an all-natural dietary supplement to help protect veins and assist circulation system.

Anthogenol 100 caps helps support healthy skin, eyes, heart, legs, vital organs and energy levels.

How Anthogenol works
Anthogenol has a powerful antioxidant effect (15 times more than vitamin C and 50 times greater than vitamin E). It works on a cellular level to provide protection against free radicals known to react with and damage many structures in the body.

Other benefits:

  • Free from colourants and flavours
  • Free from yeast, wheat, corn, milk, egg, soy, glutens, animal derivatives and starch
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Healthy circulation: Helps support overall condition of blood vessels, keeping them supple and flexible
  • Heart, organs and body health: healthy veins help provide nutritional support for the heart, legs, eyes and all vital organs
  • A more youthful appearance: strong circulation means well-nourished skin which helps protect skin and cells from the inside. Good vein health assists with reducing the occurrence of veins on the skin surface, promoting a more even skin tone
  • Energy and vitality: healthy veins aid in optimum cellular nutrition, helping to provide more vitality and spark and assisting in the body’s recovery from exercise


Take TWO capsules once or twice per day with a large glass of water or fruit juice. The best time to take Anthogenol is either 30 minutes before meals or in between meals.


  • Anthogenol cannot be compred with other Vitis Vinifera products or supplements due to the highly specialised proprietary isolation process. Vitamins can only be of assistance if the dietary vitamin intake is inadequate.
  • Each capsule contains Vitis Vinifera dry seed extract, ascorbic acid and silicon dioxide.
  • Always read the label and use only as directed.
  • If symptoms persist, see a healthcare professional.


Masquelier's Proprietary Belnd 100mg: monomeric and oligomeric (2-5 units) flavnols and polyphenols from Vitis Vinifera (grape) seeds; French pine (Pinus maritime) Bark Extract.

Microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate

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