75% Alcohol Antiseptic Prep Pads Skin Cleansing Sterile Disinfectant Wipes Sanitiser

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This Isopropyl Alcohol pad is for the final and important step of soak-off or UV gel polish application, use these pads to gently scrape off the sticky layer remaining on the nails after top coat curing. It removes the sticky layer which will then reveal a glossy finish to your soak-off and UV Gel manicure.


* Convenient and easy to use.

* High quality, and sterilized by Gamma Irradiation. 

* Contains 75% - 80% isopropyl alcohol, effectively kills 99.9% of germs and bacterias

Each alcohol prep pad is individually wrapped an sealed to keep it sterile

* Cleaning and sterilizing of glasses, mobile phones, LCD screens and other sensitive equipment 

* Cleaning and sterilizing electronic terminals 

* Sterilizing before diabetic injection 

* Sterilizing of skin, wounds, piercings, tattoos and tools

* Size: 6cmx6cm

* Quantity: 100pcs per box



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