Reusable & Foldable Silicone Air Fryer Liners Basket BPA Free Dishwasher Safe

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High Standard Material: Our air fryer silicone liners, 8.2 inch in diameter, flexible depth 1-2.4inch, suitable for 4-6qt air fryers. Produced with high grade silicone material, BPA free and non-stick, one time integrally formed, no other chemical additives. Adaptable for air fryer, oven, microwave, and freezer, dishwasher safe, temperature resistance -60℉~500℉.

Perfect Replacement for Paper Liners: This airfryer silicone bowl is 100% non-flammable and non-toxic, making it an ideal replacement for parchment paper liners since their coating may release toxic chemical substance or even burn under high temperature. Besides, endless disposing and buying paper liners increases burden on both the environment and your budget.

Super Easy to Clean: Stop hand washing the whole basket after cooking with your air fryer each time. By using this silicone pot, cleaning will no longer be a problem for you. Silicone material pot protects the frying drawer from getting oil stains 360°, much better than the paper ones which get soaked easily by oil and gravy. Dishwasher safe, makes things even easier.

Fits Most Air Fryers: This silicone basket suits various brands and models of air fryers including 'COSORI', 'Ninja', 'Chefman', 'Instant', 'PowerXL' and etc. Volume adaptation 4-6QT or higher. Benefit from the soft silicone material, it is flexible that fits perfectly for both square and round shaped inner basket. Foldable design also saves much space while storing and washing in dishwasher.

  • Diameter: 8.2 inches (21cm)

  • Weight: 0.385 lb (175g)

  • Applicability: 4-6 quart air fryer (round or square)

  • Heat Resistance: -60~500℉ (-50~260℃)

  • Material: 100% food grade silicone

  • Color: Pink,Red,Blue,Green

  • Package List: 1 Pack

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