Adjustable Strong Adhesive Shower Head Holder with Hook

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This Adjustable Shower Head Holder is no drill required, no harm to wall surface, waterproof, super adhesive, super heavy duty, durable, solid, multi-functionand, suitable for most of standard shower head hose.

STRONG ADHESIVE : shower head holder will stick tightly on the smooth wall

Swivel design: adjust the angle of shower head 90 degree UP and DOWN

Aluminum alloy shower head holder, plastic mounting plate

Easy installation: no drill, no screw

With 2 extra hanger Hooks, convenient to hang other necessary stuff in the bathroom

Suitable for most of standard shower head

Can be used on marble, metal panel, paint plate, plane ceramic tile, smooth glass.

Please DO NOT put it on the textured tiles ,concave tiles ,frosted glass or rough wood

Material : ABS

Finish : Chrome Polished

Color: silver

Standard: Fits 1/2 shower hose

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