Adjustable 360 Degree Plant Stem Training Clips

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HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of plastic,(The plant training clips will have color difference, but it does not affect the use), suitable for outdoor plants and indoor plants, and can be reused.

WIDE USE: Applicable for shaping branches of vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, pear trees or in gardening plants, potted plants, vine plants to help them absorb more sunlight and grow more robustly.

ADJUSTABLE DESIGN OF PLANT TRAINING CLIPS: The plant bender can 360 degree adjust the growth direction of plants. It can change the way of low-pressure training and increase the yield.Conducive to plant growth.

MULTIFUNCTION: It can control the height and shape of the plant and avoid the overlapping of branches. Branches and leaves stretch more evenly, and can better absorb nutrients and water.And not affect the ornamental nature of the plants.

PRECAUTIONS: Not suitable for fragile, strong or hard plant branches,Plant bending requires an adaptation process. You can first adjust your plant bending from the maximum bending angle of the bender, and then slowly reduce the plant bending angle to reach your ideal plant bending angle,can also try the maximum bending angle of your plant, and then use this bender to bend your plant branches (you may accidentally break your plant branches by hand).

  • Material: Plastic

  • Color: Green,White

  • Size:35*10*2mm
  • Package List: 30/60pcs 360 degree plant bend clips

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