58-Piece Portable Crochet Kit

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The beginner crochet kit is perfect for any crochet project, with a range of hook sizes from 0.6mm to 6mm included

Each hook handle comes in a vibrant colour or size mark, perfect for making sure you can find each size easily

Ergonomic crochet hooks set with rubber and metal handles help avoid hand fatigue and reduce pressure on fingers and wrists

The cushioned handle and lightweight crochet combine to give you an extremely comfortable grip

The portable crochet bag is constructed well and is handy for keeping things organised

This kit is a travel essential for crochet lovers

  • Material: polyester acrylic, ABS

  • Dimensions: 31.5 x 30 x 10.6cm

  • Package Contents: 9 crochet hooks with soft grip, 12 silver crochet hooks, 5 yarn, 10 stitch markers, 6 plastic sewing needles, 3 cable needles, 4 U shape needles, 1 bobbin, 1 tape measure, 2 stitch holders, 1 scissors, 2 pom makers, 1 needle gauge, 1 lovely pink crochet hook case


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