16PCs Invisible Bra Strap Buckle Clips Anti-Slip Holder

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Package includes: You will receive 16PCs bra clips, 4 styles and 4 colors, great accessories for sleeveless attire.

Convenient: Easily clip on to any bra strap to keep them in place and prevent slipping.

Invisible: The clear color makes them virtually undetectable under clothing, giving you a braless look without sacrificing support.

Non-slip: The non-slip design ensures that your bra straps stay in place all day long.

Versatile: Suitable for any bra style and perfect for wearing with tank tops, dresses, and other tops with tricky necklines.

Feature: Prevents Falling Bra Straps. Works on all sizes of bra. Say goodbye to falling bra straps.

Material: PP

Color: black, white, beige, clear

Package Content: 16PCs x Invisible Bra Strap Buckle Clips 

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