4 in 1 Sun Sunset Rainbow Projector Atmosphere Lamp LED Night Lights

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Our sunset/sun/rainbow projection atmosphere lamp can provide such a beautiful sunset view, you can also enjoy the beautiful sunset and inspire the family atmosphere.

【Captivating Sunset Lamp】Create a dreamlike ambiance with our romantic sunset light. Transform your bedroom, enhance your selfies, and beautify your studio decor. Let the sunset light fill every corner.

【Safe and Energy-efficient】Our sunset light prioritizes eye protection with a thicker crystal lens and wider luminous angle. Soft and energy-saving, it won't harm your eyes.

【360° Rotation】Enjoy complete freedom with our 360° rotatable LED light. Adjust it to any angle for the perfect romantic atmosphere.

【Stable and Durable】Crafted with top-quality materials, our sunset light remains stable and reliable. The long-lasting lamp beads ensure durability.

【Easy to Use】Adjust the angle and distance for desired light shape and size. Cast the sunset light on walls or ceiling effortlessly.


  • Material: ABS

  • Color Type : Sunset, Rainbow, Sunset red, Sunshine, Setting Sun

  • Cord Length: 150 cm

  • Lamp bead type: LED

  • Input voltage: 5V

  • Product power: 5W

  • Irradiation area: 15㎡-30㎡

  • Application: home, hall, coffee shop, living room, bedroom, dining room.

  • The farther the equidistant is, the larger the projection, which can be projected on the wall or ceiling.

  • Package include: 1 x Night Light Projector Light, 1 x USB power cord

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