3 Pairs Christmas Knee-High Compression Socks for Women & Men

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A Durable Compression Socks have wide variety of fun colors and designs specially for nurses, size rang cover both women and men.

Double stitched with functional Fabric and knitted with seamless compression technology.

Fits comfortable, easy to get on and delivers 360 degree support to feet and legs. Knee high long sleeves compression socks make sure the graduated support effect entire calf.

Get your blood circulating in style! Increase and stimulates blood flow. Helping prevent varicose veins, calf compression and shin splints. Prevent blood clots after surgery. Provides significant relief for aching legs, calf, ankles and feet. 

Lightweight and breathable fabric, durable and will be comfort enough to wear in the summer. Quality compression stocking, easy care and wash well without losing compression, longer service life.


Pain-relieving compression socks

Can relieve tired feet and legs

Aim to reduce swelling and enhance blood circulation

Anti-microbial properties designed to eliminate bad odors and fungal infections

Breathable material

Reduces moisture

Materials: 80% Nylon/20% Spandex

Colors: shown as the pictures


S/M: 5-9 (women), 5-8.5 (men)
L/XL: 9-13.5 (women), 9-13 (men)

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