3 in 1 EMF Meter Electromagnetic Radiation Detector

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3 in 1 EMF Detector: This electromagnetic radiation detector can detect electric field radiation, magnetic field radiation and temperature.

The electric field radiation measuring range is 1 V/m-1999 V/m, and the magnetic field radiation range is 0.01μT-99.99μT. The temperature range is -10℃-70℃.

Short press "MODE" key, the electric/magnetic field and ℃/℉ function conversion.

Compact Size: This radiation detector has a smaller size and a larger LCD digital screen. The measurement data is clear to see. The handheld instrument is easy to operate.

Sound-Light Alarm: When the detection value exceeds the safety threshold (electric field: 40V/m; Magnetic field: 0.4μT), the monitor will emit a red light flashing, and the buzzer will alarm at the same time. Simple operation and sensitive detection.

Easy to Use: The EMF tester is easy to use for indoor and outdoor. It has a built-in electromagnetic radiation sensor, which is processed by a microcontroller chip.

Widely Application: You can see the precise radiation value on the display screen, reasonably handle or effectively avoid electromagnetic radiation. It is suitable for detecting home office, computer, mobile phone, TV, refrigerator and other devices.

Measure Electric field:
Range: 1V/m-1999V/m
Alarm threshold: >40V/m
Resolution: 1V/m

Measure Magnetic field:
Range: 0.01μT-99.99μT
Alarm threshold: >0.4μT
Resolution: 0.01μT

Measure Temperature:
Resolution : 0.1°C
Range: -10°C~70°C

Working voltage: DC4.5V

Power supply: 3PCs x AAA1.5V (Batteries are not included)

Size: 152*52*26.5mm

Package Included: 1 x Radiometer, 1 x Manual


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