2pcs Big Fluffy Powder Foundation Makeup Brush

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Essential makeup brush set for beginners and professional makeup artists, perfect for creating a flawless, high-definition finish with liquid, powders or creams.

VEGAN + CRUELTY FREE: The bristles of the brush are made of super soft nylon, perfect for the most sensitive skin.

FOUNDATION + CONCEALER: Apply foundation and concealer flawlessly for a smooth, even, beautiful finish.

BRONZER + BLUSH + HIGHLIGHT: Apply and blend bronzer and blush in just the right places and precision highlight for a healthy glow from within.

MORE THAN JUST A MAKEUP BRUSH: The bristles are so amazingly soft, that just using the brush on the skin creates feelings of relaxation and relieves stress.

ENDLESS USES: Use either side of the brush to apply makeup all over the face, neck, cheeks, nose and eyes.

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