4pcs Acupressure Magnetic Foot Massage Therapy Pain Relief Shoe Insoles

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Acupressure Magnetic Insoles is great for treating foot ailments and providing you with natural relief while walking. You can wear it every day, during a normal stroll, heavy exercise, trekking, and during a variety of physical activities.

Pain Relief - With 8 magnets, promote blood circulation and massage to promote blood circulation in your soles, continuously to anti-fatigue, relax muscles and and help restore chronic lumbar sprains.

Size Cut Free - You can change the massage insole size by cutting according to the existing scale winding line, if necessary, easy to get the size you need. The insole is suitable for Men and Women.

Breathable, Comfort, Deodorize Sweat - Made of high quality gel material, durable, non-toxic. It has good breathability and comfort. There are numerous breathable holes in the bottom of the insole to prevent foot odor, sweat, and athlete's foot.

Improve Blood Circulation - The pillars formed by magnets and silica gel massage your soles while walking, promoting blood circulation and just like making you walk on cobblestones. The magnet can release magnetic waves, Lose weight when you walking with magnetic insoles.

Material: fiber + medical silicone

Size: Cutable size for most people

Quantity: 2 pairs = 4pcs


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