12pcs Wooden Handles Silicone Cookware Utensils Set

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Keep Your Nonstick Cookware Safe & Take The Hassle Out of Cooking With Silicone Cooking Utensils!

Silicone kitchen utensils set is designed to meet all your cooking needs while keeping your pans and pots safe. Each pack comes with all the kitchen gadgets and tools you need to cook your favorite recipes the fast and simple way.

This kitchen gadget set is made of food-grade silicone material which is durable and flexible enough to stir food but won’t scratch your non-stick pots or pans and can handle high temperatures without chipping, warping or melting.

Comfortable To Use & Non-Corrosive Wooden Cooking Tools

This cooking utensils set with kitchen tongs and silicone whisk is made using durable yet lightweight wood handles that provide a firm and comfortable grip so you can use them easily whether you’re flipping burgers or making stews.

Thanks to the high heat resistance, the silicone heads can withstand high temperatures ranging from -40℉ to 446℉.

Silicone cooking utensil set comes with a utensil holder that allows you to keep them safely in one place

More Convenient Features:

- Ergonomic handles let you enjoy cooking for longer without tiring your hands

- The wooden kitchen utensil handles are rust and corrosion resistant for long term use

- Made without using any BPA or plastic so you can safely cook any dish you want

- We use food grade silicone that’s flexible but durable enough to handle daily use

- Hanging holes on the wood handles allow you to easily hang them


Beech wood should be hand-washed but NOT soaked in water and not exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Please do NOT place them into dishwasher.

To Disperse the SMELL from the package, pls Soak Silicone Heads into(Warm) water for 30~50 mins, then put all the utensils set outside for a moment, allow them air-dry to disperse the smell.

Before or after use, please wash it with warm water in time and keep it dry.

Do not use steel wool or grinding tools to clean the surface.

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