120 PCS Sleep Strips Mouth Tape Anti Snoring Devices

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Improve night sleep: The sleep belt can effectively reduce snoring and bring you a more stable and deep sleep, thus achieving more effective blood oxygenation and a peaceful night.

Dangers of mouth breathing: Many people are accustomed to mouth breathing sleep, but few are aware of the dangers. Studies show that mouth breathing leads to inhalation of bacteria, snoring, drooling, dry throat while sleeping, and prolonged mouth breathing sleep can affect appearance.

Comfortable and easy to apply: The snore stopper is made with a specially designed adhesive that allows you to easily apply and remove the strips without leaving any residue.

Steps for usage: Step 1 Clean the skin around the lips. Dirt, oil, beard, moisturizers and makeup will weaken the adhesive. Step 2 Remove the protective liner. Close your mouth to allow full contact with your lips. Step 3 Place the adhesive strip in the center of the mouth, press down on the ends and rub gently to secure.

Gift: Breathing is the foundation of good health and the anti-snoring mouth patches sleep patches are the perfect gift choice for yourself, your family and friends. They help to develop healthy habits of breathing through the nose and provide you and your family with a quiet and beautiful night.

How To Apply?

1.Wash and dry your lips or the skin surrounded.

2.Remove the protective branded liner using the tapes.

3.Close mouth, with both lips in full contact with one another.

Package Included:

120 Packs Mouth Tape Sleep Mouth Strips for Sleeping Better Breathing Have A Nice Sleep!


Children under age of 5 are prohibited to use, and the ones between 5 to 12 are allowed to use only under the supervision and guidance of adults.

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