Pain Relief Patches: Herbal Analgesic Plaster for Knee, Neck and Lumbar Pain Relief

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Natural and Herbal Ingredients: Discover the power of our wellness pain relief patches, infused with natural plant extracts like wormwood and ginger. Ginger, renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to boost circulation, complements the warming effects of wormwood. These ingredients, popular in NZ, ensure a safe and natural approach to pain relief. Recognized for its warm nature, wormwood is a potent plant used in moxibustion. It not only detoxifies and nourishes the skin but also consolidates the body, driving away cold and dampness. This makes it an excellent choice for those seeking pain patches for arthritis, nerve pain, and more.

Natural Herbal Ingredients: wormwood leaves, radix aconiti, dried ginger, camphor, menthol, borneol, etc.

Pain Relief Patches NZ

Quick and Effective ReliefOur analgesic patches are designed to provide fast pain relief. Whether you're dealing with knee pain, muscle aches, back discomfort, or strains, our patch pain reliever formula heats up quickly, offering targeted relief. It's not just about knee patches NZ residents can trust; it's about comprehensive pain management.

wellness pain relief patches nz
Knee Patches NZ

Versatile Pain Management: Our pain relief plaster is versatile, addressing various pains, especially those associated with the knee. It promotes warmth, improves blood circulation, and ensures safety without side effects. But it's not limited to the knee; whether it's shoulder pain, foot discomfort, sore muscles, or backaches, our wellness pain relief patches are here to help.

Long-Lasting Relief: Experience up to 8-12 hours of continuous pain relief with our patches. With strong penetrating power, they provide targeted relief, ensuring you remain comfortable throughout the day or night.

Patch Pain Reliever NZ
Knee Pain Relief Patches NZ

Broad Application: Our pain patches for nerve pain, arthritis, and general discomfort are not just for the knees. They're perfect for the shoulders, waist, and other body parts, ensuring you get relief right where you need it.

Tailored Patch Shapes for Targeted Relief: Our patches come in three distinct shapes, each meticulously designed for specific body positions:

  1. Knee Joint: For direct relief on the knees.
  2. Cervical Spine/Neck: Alleviate discomfort in the neck region.
  3. Lumbar Spine: Targeted for the lower back area.

These shapes ensure optimal adherence to the body, providing maximum relief for the related pains.

Knee Patches NZ

Easy to Use:

  1. Clean and dry the affected area.
  2. Peel off the film to reveal the adhesive side.
  3. Place the adhesive side directly onto the skin.

Package Details: Each package contains 12 herbal knee pain relief patches, ready to provide the relief you seek.

Note: Always prioritize your health and consult with a healthcare professional if pain persists.

analgesic patches nz
Pain Patches for Knee

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