12 Pcs Anti Curling Non Slip Rug Tapes Carpet Grippers

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Prevent Curling and Sliding: Are you fed up with these problems? The elder and children trip over the edge of the rug, the kitchen and bathroom rugs slide and move due to water, the pets play on the rugs and cause the rugs to move, etc. This adhesive rug tape can fix all these problems immediately.

Triangular Design, Strong Adhesion: The triangular design of the rug tape fits the corners of the rug. It has a larger contact area, an excellent non-slip grip, and better adhesion. This rug gripper is more sticky than other grippers, the edges won't slide or move, and will remain firm.

Non-Residual & Reusable: It made of high quality eco-friendly PU won't leave any residue on the floor after being removed. This carpet gripper can be washed with water or wiped clean with a towel. After it dries, you can use it again like new.

Hidden & Easy To Apply: With thickness less than 0.1'', easy to hide, and won't affect the flat appearance of your rug. Due to the existence of auxiliary stickers, for rugs that aren't easy to stick the rug gripper, you can first stick the auxiliary stickers on the rug and then use the rug grippers. The rug grippers will stick to the carpet tightly. For detailed usage, please scroll down to the product description and view the pictures.

Widely Applicable: Rug gripper works perfectly in various environments including indoors, outdoors, camping, balcony, yards and vehicles, etc. It also fits well with all types of floor: tiles, hardwood, laminate, marble, concrete, rubber, etc.

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