1080° Rotatable Faucet Aerator Extender Nozzle

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【High-Quality Materials】 The 1080 Rotating Filter Faucet Aerator is made of sturdy copper and ABS body with multi-layer plating, ensuring durability and rust resistance. It features a four-layer filter for removing impurities and promoting health.

【1080° Large-Angle Rotating】 This faucet aerator has three adjustable interfaces that can rotate 360 degrees in all directions. Its robotic arm design allows it to reach every corner of the sink for easy cleaning. Suitable for bathroom or kitchen sink faucets.

【Two Water Outlet Modes】 The faucet extender offers two water flow modes: Soft Bubble Stream and Strong Sprayer Shower. The strong sprayer shower mode provides high water pressure for quick cleaning, while the oxygen-enriched foam stream mode is ideal for handwashing, face washing, and gargling.

【Easy to Install】 Compatible with most faucets, this faucet aerator can be directly mounted on faucets with a 22mm male thread diameter. Alternatively, it can be used with the included faucet adapter for faucets with a 23.5-24mm female thread diameter.

【Multi-Purpose】 The Faucet Extender is designed for use in kitchen sinks. It is helpful for children to clean their hands and wash fruits and vegetables. In the bathroom sink, it makes washing hair and face easier. Additionally, the large-angle rotating faucet aerator facilitates convenient sink cleaning.


Material: ABS

Color: Sliver

Product Size:14×4.5×9.5cm

Angle: 3D free rotation

Gear: Two gears can be switched freely

Control method: Single handle double control

Working temperature: 0-80 degrees Celsius

Nominal pressure: 1.6Mpa

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