100pcs Disposable Thick PVC Powder-Free Protective Vinyl Gloves

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100PCS Disposable PVC Vinyl Gloves Examination Gloves Powder Free for Food Processing Restaurant Kitchen Catering Home Bakery

The Vinyl powder-free gloves with improved formula materials, bring a lighter and softer feel than previous products, ensuring good protection against a variety of substances and microorganisms, providing a good balance of feelings and characteristics. It is a good alternative for people with protein allergies in latex gloves.


Flexible PVC material gives it a looser fit and a smooth, comfortable feel.

Odor-free and powder free, reducing the risk of contamination.

Chemical resistance helps give your hands more protection.

Touchscreen capability allows you to use your touchscreen mobile phone and devices conveniently, no need to take off the gloves.

Good choice for food service, salon, janitorial, and other light industrial applications. 

Fits for examination, cooking, baking, grabbing food, painting, housework, etc.

Sold in 100 pieces a pack (50 pairs), suitable for both left hand and right hand.


Material: PVC vinyl

Palm Width: M <8cm, L 8-10cm, XL >10cm

Size:  M / L / XL (Optional)

Powder Free: Yes

Quantity: 100pcs/box

Package List:

100 * Gloves

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