1 Pairs Shock Absorption Inserts Arch Support Cushioning Shoe Insoles

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Can be Cut and Reused: You will receive a pair of gel insoles for women/men measuring 26x9cm/10.24x3.54inches, the insole can be trimmed to different sizes at will, and there will be no edge detachment or damage. Reusable and washable, it will return to its original shape after sun exposure and will not deform. Provide you with a good user experience.

High-quality Material: Shoe inserts high-elasticity PU material that has the effect of being non-slip and wear-resistant, comfortable cushioning and boosting rebound. The bottom has a ventilation hole design, which can absorb sweat and dehumidify, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

Ergonomic Design: The bottom of the insoles has neutral arch support, which helps stabilize and support the foot, provides better shock absorption and cushioning for flat feet, and relieves foot pain.

Anti-slip and Shock Absorption: Arch support insoles double-layer latex foam which has good shock absorption and pain relief, reducing muscle fatigue on the feet and legs; the double-layer system provides soft cushioning for long-lasting comfort.

Wide Applications: Insoles for all people's comfort and cushioning for all types of everyday footwear, such as walking boots, hiking boots, sneakers, leather shoes, casual shoes, flats, etc. Also suitable for those who need to work standing for long periods of time.

  • Color: Green

  • Size:26x9cm/10.24x3.54inches

  • Package includes:1 Pair x Shoe Insoles

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