Tourmaline Magnetic Infrared Self-Heating Pain Relief Knee Brace

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The tourmaline knee pad is specially designed to improve micro circulation of bones & blood, strengthen metabolism, ease pain & fatigue, reduce blood pressure and fresh air.

Self-warming brace design with 8 embedded magnets , warms up after they are worn for 20 minutes.

Safe, comfortable and easy to wear , adjustable velcro straps to fit men and women.

Helps improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, clear the meridians and enhance immunity.

For pain relief, osteoarthritis in the knee, sports injuries, bruises, edema and rheumatic diseases.

Material: OK cloth

Size: 67 x 20cm


Not suitable for people who has sensitive or allergic skin.

Few people might feel skin burning, over-heated, redness in the use. Please stop use since you might be allergic with Tourmaline. 

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