1 Pair Silicone Gel Toe Separator Bunion Corrector Toe Spacers For Overlapping

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TOE SPACING DEVICE: These toe separators for overlapping toes, also known as stretchers, mats or flexible orthotic inserts, are carefully designed to place each toe in the correct position and improve toe strength. Made from soft, odorless medical-grade SEBS, this toe-spacing device is shaped to fit your foot's anatomy for all-day comfort.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: This big toe separator is made of nylon material, no sense of restraint, good elasticity, soft and skin-friendly, preventing the big toe from moving inward, towards other toes, while the big toe joint is forced to move outward. In addition, it contributes to a deformity of the (little toe) toe joint called a bunion or tailor's bunion.

STRETCH AND STRAIGHTEN YOUR TOES: The hammertoe corrector gently stretches and realigns your toes, and the toe separator is great for relieving plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammer toes and overlapping toes. Provides protection for broken or hammer toes. Cushioned softness at the top reduces chafing, reducing pain and discomfort, and allowing blisters and sores to heal over time.

TOE COMBING: Insert toe alignment between overlapping toes to prevent friction. Great for diabetics and foot pain relief. Can be worn day and night to keep toes straight and reduce discomfort. Provides extra support, relieves tension and improves foot balance. Restore toned feet and make walking more comfortable.

WIDELY APPLICABLE: Podiatrist recommended toe corrector specially designed for men and women to reverse toe damage. Gel toe separators conform to your feet and fit nearly all foot shapes, and toe straighteners fit inside most shoes. Relieves pain and irritation caused by pressure between the toes due to bunions.

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