Oasis Beauty Oasis Sun SPF 30 Family Sunscreen- 500mL Family Size

Oasis Beauty Oasis Sun SPF 30 Family Sunscreen- 500mL Family Size

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Sent from Auckland

Oasis Beauty products are all New Zealand made and natural. Oasis Sun SPF 30 is so gentle that it can be used on sensitive skin, applied to the face and body and used on babies and toddlers.

Oasis Sun SPF 30 is designed for the strong sunlight and severe UV conditions in New Zealand. It does a tough job. But this trusted, family favourite protects your skin in the gentlest possible way.

It contains naturally hydrating ingredients including Shea Butter, Vitamin E, and Jojoba Oil to nourish and protect your skin.

This new 500ml pump bottle can also be used to refill your small handbag size tube.

Oasis Sun SPF 30 Family Sunscreen Benefits:

  • Suitable for your face and body
  • Can be used on toddlers and children
  • Has a non-greasy feel
  • Provides invisible protection
  • Does not stain your clothes
  • Can be worn under makeup
  • Is suitable for vegans as it has no animal ingredients
  • Can be used during pregnancy
* It is not water resistant


      Apply liberally to all exposed areas of the skin at least 10-15 minutes before going outside. Reapply every 2 hours, especially after swimming or excessive perspiration. Keep away from eye area.

      With Oasis Sun SPF 30 you should not rub it in until it disappears. Allow it time to adhere to the skin where it will become almost invisible.

      Oasis Sun is not water resistant and it goes without saying that you should not get it into your eyes because it will sting.


      • pure NZ water (aqua)
      • zinc oxide (sunscreen agent)
      • ethylhexyl methoxycinnamic (sunscreen agent)
      • castor oil (Ricinus communis)
      • ceto stearyl alcohol (and) PEG100 stearate (emulsifier)
      • glyceryl mono stearate (emulsifier)
      • ceteareth 20 (solubilizer)
      • organic jojoba oil (Simondsia chinensis)
      • soy lecithin (soybean emollient)
      • dehydroacetic acid (and) benzyl alcohol (BioGro approved preservative)
      • ceto stearyl alcohol (vegetable emulsifier)
      • organic shea butter (Butryospermum parkii)
      • rosemary oleoresin (Rosemarinus officinalis)
      • vitamin E (DL alpha tocopherol acetate)
      • disodium EDTA
      • citric acid

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