3pcs/set Dental Orthodontic Braces Capped Teeth Corrector

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A simple and useful teeth tool for teens and adults. You can train and correct the crowded irregular teeth by using the orthodontic retainer. Apart from that, it can improve facial shape to promote the normal development of jaw if you wear it insistently.

Features: Made of food grade silicone material, which is non-toxic, oddless, healthy and safe.

No color change, it will maintain the original color and not turn to yellow, whenever how long you use it. Groove design can fit the surface of the teeth well to allow for normal breathing and protection of your teeth during exercise.

It can reach to rear molars, to provide complete protection.Invisible color, you can witness tooth change process. It can improve facial shape to promote the normal development of jaw. Can be used as a late addition maintaining for some tooth problems.


Item Type: Adult Invisible Braces

Color: transparent

Age: Adult

Material: TPE

Quantity: 3pcs, including 1x Phase I (D1), 1x Phase II (D2), 1x Phase III (D3)


1. Correct crowded mild dentition, uneven teeth

2. Improve orthodontic rebound

3. adult orthodontics

4. Correcting dislocation of adult teeth

Three stages of product use:

The first stage (D1): soft; adapt to a few minutes for the first use, wear 12 hours a day after adaptation, use time 1-2 months;

The second stage (D2): medium elastic hardness, suitable for mild and moderate teeth, insignificant, can be used directly, use time is 2-3 months.

Stage 3 (D3): A stiffer material suitable for further aligning the teeth or used as a holder to limit tooth movement, use for 3-6 months.

Instructions for use:

1. Allow yourself to adapt for a period of time, such as 5-10 minutes;

2. If you feel uncomfortable, you can take it off first, take a rest and then wear it;

3. Don't bite too tight at the beginning, slowly increase the strength of the bite;

4. Wear 1-2 hours a day after adaptation, and then extend the wearing time.

It is recommended to buy in three stages (D1 + D2 + D3)

Default sent 3pcs (stages D1 + D2 + D3), if you want other combination, please leave us notice on the checkout. 

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