Lellure Illumination Gel Mask 5pcs/box

Lellure Illumination Gel Mask 5pcs/box

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Lellure Illumination Gel Mask is specially designed for skin rejuvenation and gives your skin a healthy glowing look. With our cutting-edge technology, the active ingredients — resveratrol and other nutrients — are delivered to the deepest epidermal layer, replenishing and locking in the moisture at the molecular level, as well as activating the skin cells’ self-repair and regeneration abilities.

Functions and Highlights

A perfect combination of advanced biotechnology and natural ingredients

With both pharmaceutical and cosmetic benefits

Specially designed to tackle the staying-up-late skin problems

Restores the dry and dull skin

Revives the skin with rehydration and locking in the moisture

Suitable for all types of beauty


Apply whole sachet to face, leave on for 30 minutes or overnight. For best results, use it every 3 days.

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