Coco Brownie Anti-Aging 7-Day Day/Night Serum 21mlx4

Coco Brownie Anti-Aging 7-Day Day/Night Serum 21mlx4

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Sent from Auckland

Main efficacy

Comprehensive repair, fade fine lines, brighten skin tone, revitalize firmness

New Zealand's first day and night combination serum gives the skin 24 hour all day long protection. The formula of the exclusive ingredients opens up a new era of Anti-aging.

During the day time, a protective barrier is established to prevent light damage (long-wave UV), and free radicals are eliminated to prevent aging.

At night, the product regulates cell activities, formulates biological rhythms, effectively lowers sugar absorption, and eliminates harm of staying up late.

Made in New Zealand


Astaxanthin - the king of antioxidants solves the aging crisis and clears free radicals of aging.

Ectoine - a little shield blocking sun light.

Ceramide - a strong barrier and also rehydration.

Biorhythm peptide - regulation of the skin's biological clock and restoration of the normal activity of cells

Decarboxylated peptide - a professional Anti-saccharification element that keeps the skin away from glycosylation crisis.

Mirabilis jalapa extracts- active stem cells as a strong repair factor, greatly awakening skin repair ability.


Apply the serum evenly to the face.

Use palms and fingers to lift the face contour from chin to forehead, from inside to outside.

Tap gently on the face to promote better absorption.

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